Design Services & CAD Engineering

Sheet Metal CAD Engineering Services

Design Services & CAD Engineering

Our expert designers are ready to help you create your new product using engineering-focused 3D modeling software to create, refine and perfect your design. We’ll also analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the product design and adjust as needed using these virtual tools.

Furniture and Architectural Element design

Furniture and Architectural Elements

For furniture or architecture elements for your dining or retail establishment, contact us today. We’re happy to discuss your concept and work together to help you find a design that reflects the personality of your business. Applying our expert design and sheet metal fabrication skills, we’ll quickly arrive at a finalized design that is visually stunning, fully functional and cost-effective to fabricate.

CAD Precision Parts

Precision Sheet Metal Parts

We frequently work with clients who bring us their detailed drawings or CAD designs for specific sheet metal parts with little room for tolerances. We are happy to work with clients’ designs for proprietary or innovative parts and are here to help with the refinement, value engineering and precision CAD development to allow for efficient fabrication. Give us a call to find out how we can help you with the design and fabrication of your sheet metal components.