metal deburring services

Metal Deburring Services

While they may seem like a small nuisance, burrs on your workpieces can reduce the functionality and safety of each affected part and could even cause equipment damage. Our manufacturing experts saw a need for reliable burr removal services to provide functional, safe and compliant components.

Deburring has become a critical part of the metal fabrication process. Our deburring machines are used by our skilled operators to grind burrs out of workpieces, using a variety of attachment tools such as:

  • Brush heads
  • Disc heads
  • Belt heads

Serving industry leaders across markets, All American Metal Fabrication offers deburring services as part of your metal fabrication project. Through our innovative finishing solutions, timely turnarounds, and superior quality, All American has become a go-to resource for the full range of metal fabrication services.

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Why Is Deburring Necessary?

Flaws – such as burrs – that result from the machining process can compromise the functionality, lifespan and safety of a machined part. Burrs can also cause part quality issues such as:

  • Stress/cracks
  • Weakness/premature part failure
  • Poor fastener seating/fastener damage
  • Increased risk of corrosion
  • Heightened potential for static discharge
  • Excess friction and heat
  • Increased wear
  • Lubrication issues

Deburring removes these defects to create a safer, more functional and more aesthetically appealing part. Mechanical deburring also eliminates the need for manual sanding and grinding as well as increases productivity, reduces material consumption and improves final results.

Benefits of Deburring

Deburring can increase the lifespan of parts and machinery, ultimately resulting in fewer repairs and replacements, and therefore, saving money over the life of the parts. Our deburring service also provides the following benefits:

  • Improved quality and consistency
  • Improved part performance
  • Increased safety
  • Better finish adhesion
  • Better surface appearance
  • Reduced assembly time
  • Reduced cutting/drilling ridges
  • Eliminates surface roughness

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