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Packaging & Shipping

All American specializes in creating custom metal fabrications of all shapes, sizes and types of metal. Our production ranges from tiny components that can be held in one's hand to large sheet metal assemblies, in mass quantities or just a few individual pieces. To streamline your own production processes, we’ve implemented a packaging and shipping division that aims to save you time and money. Simply provide the necessary shipping information and we’ll take care of the rest.

All American Metal Fabrication offers end-to-end metal fabrication capabilities to best serve our clients’ needs without the need for additional vendors. We are committed to providing value to our clients; the addition of our packaging and shipping division enables us to deliver a higher level of service than ever before.

Proper Packaging Protects Your Parts

We take great pride in our work. Thanks to our collective skills, experience and attention to detail, we produce parts that adhere to your exact specifications, down to your preferred aesthetic finish. With so much attention paid to producing the exact parts you ordered, we want to ensure that they reach their destination in impeccable condition. Our packaging service offers several benefits, including:

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Protection from damage

Transit-related damage can range from minor aesthetic flaws to performance-impacting dings, chips or bends. Our packaging secures your parts and helps prevent shipping-related damage so your money and our effort don’t go to waste.

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Protection from Weather

High levels of humidity, drastic temperature fluctuations, and damp weather could present the potential for less-than-optimal delivery. To minimize the impact of weather on your parts, we package them with these conditions in mind.

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Protection from Moisture

In addition to rain, sleet and snow, packages can be exposed to moisture caused by condensation in trucks and shipping containers, potentially causing warping, mold, or oxidation of the parts that could affect their performance. We take care to package your parts in a way that minimizes the likelihood of moisture-related damage.

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Full-Service Quality Metal Fabrication & Shipping

Protecting your parts during shipping is extremely important in order for your parts to arrive at their destination in the same condition they left our facility. We recognize that much of the shipping process is out of our control; however, we take specific measures to help ensure your parts are protected from the elements listed above.

With careful preparation and consideration to the size, shape and volume of your parts, we ensure that they’re packaged in a way that reduces shifting, sliding and excessive movement in the event that the package experiences a rough ride along the shipping route. We also employ the use of VCIs for added protection from corrosion.

Full Service Metal Fabricators

From concept to delivery, All American is your full-service metal fabricator, applying our high standards to your products through every step of the process. To learn more about our packaging and shipping services, or about the metal fabrication process in general, please contact us at 714-202-7423.

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