sheet metal hardware installation

Sheet Metal Hardware Installation

Hardware is crucial in the production of final components. Since sheet metal can be very thin, it can be challenging or even impossible to create threaded holes in it, making hardware essential for connecting and strengthening parts. These connectors become an integral part of the sheet metal, providing a more durable connection or thread. Hardware specifications are best decided on during the design process to avoid any compatibility problems later.

All American Metal Fabrication offers hardware installation services as part of our complete metal fabrication services. Our innovative equipment and tools allow us the capacity and efficiency to ensure quality assembled parts, on time and on budget, regardless of the size of your order. Our full-service team of knowledgeable engineers can provide you with DFM (design for manufacturability) solutions that work to optimize part designs, trim your production time and launch products in a timely manner so that your projects can proceed without interruption.

hardware installation for sheet metal

PEM Sheet Metal Hardware

All American installs PEM hardware, an excellent choice for sheet metal projects that involve thin and hard surfaces, like those found in the automotive manufacturing industry and others. This type of lightweight hardware can be seamlessly integrated into the product by using a one-step permanent press method directly on the sheet metal. Since there are no extra steps involved in the installation process, the sheet metal can be pre-finished before installation.

PEM sheet metal hardware

Value-Added Benefits of Hardware Installation Services

In today’s sheet metal fabrication industry, it is often advantageous to have a single point of contact for all fabrication requirements. This one-stop-shop approach is ideal primarily because it streamlines the entire process, eliminating the need for multiple partners and reducing timelines and expenses, while optimizing the fabrication process as a whole. This is particularly apparent when dealing with complex parts or components.

Additional benefits you can enjoy when you take advantage of our hardware installation services

  • Integrated quality control
  • Adds depth for load bearing threads to sheet metal parts
  • Faster process than using separate vendors
  • Cost efficiency
  • Single point of contact
  • Utilizes existing precision-cut holes
  • Consistent and accurate

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