sheet metal parts assembly services

Metal Parts Assembly

AAMF is an industry leader in producing various high-quality metal parts and components to meet the demands of our customers. From riveting components together to providing complex welded assemblies, we offer excellent metal assembly services in addition to custom roll forming to serve the needs of clients in a wide range of industries.

When you need metal assembly services, it’s absolutely essential that they are performed to your exact specifications. With our dedicated and skilled team offering assembly services, we can take the specifications you provide us and return the exact metal components you are looking for.

sheet metal parts assembly services

Sheet Metal Assembly Methods

Proper assembly of sheet metal components is crucial in the metal parts fabrication process. Even if the parts themselves are perfectly fabricated, a poor assembly can compromise their durability, longevity and effectiveness.

Metal fabricators can utilize various techniques for sheet metal parts assembly. Which method they choose depends on the size, type and requirements of the components being assembled. The various assembly methods are listed below:

mechanical assembly for sheet metal parts


The mechanical assembly process uses different types of hardware or fasteners to assemble the components. This process is known for its flexibility; by utilizing fasteners such as bolts or screws, the hardware can easily be removed and reattached as needed.

sheet metal parts assembly welding


Welding is used when two components need to be merged rather than simply attached. This type of assembly allows for additional strength and sturdiness for parts that will endure tough, repetitive use and it can be done in a range of environments – even under water.

metal parts assembly spot welding

Spot Welding

Spot welding is a faster, less-permanent and more cost-effective assembly method than standard welding. This method is effective for thin pieces of metal, as thicker metal is more difficult to join using typical spot welding machinery. A skilled operator will ensure that the welds are strong enough to maintain their integrity through regular use.

rivet assembly for sheet metal parts

Rivet Assembly

This assembly method is nearly as strong as welding but can be completed more cost-effectively. Rivet assembly is commonly recommended for structural parts, as well as assemblies that undergo wide or regular fluctuations in temperature and pressure.

sheet metal parts assembly services

Experienced Sheet Metal Parts Assembly Services

The assembly processes mentioned above have been heavily relied upon in the era of mass production and robotics. Efficiency and productivity are the main goals when it comes to assembling sheet metal parts, which are achieved through the continuous improvement of assembly technology and practices.

All American Metal Fabrication has a deep understanding of metal parts assembly, which helps us streamline our practices and focus on delivering high-quality products. Our skilled assembly team works together to ensure exceptional finished goods assembly and packaging preparation. We also offer OEM services for custom part assembly.

AAMF has the knowledge and experience needed to be your metal components manufacturer of choice.

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