metal finishing services

Metal Finishing Services

We work with many types of metal every day, and while each has beneficial properties that make them great for what they’re used for, they also have their inherent weaknesses, as well. To elongate the metal’s useful life, maximize its utility, and customize its aesthetics, we offer metal finishing using a range of methods, each with its own set of benefits.

Our team of experts can help you choose the best option for your project and ensure that the finished product meets your exact specifications.

Surface Treatments

Treating metal surfaces gives your finished piece the aesthetic you desire as well as extends the metal’s usable life. Our expert metalworkers provide a variety of surface finishes according to your specific needs.

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Powder Coating

This method is commonly used for painting metal parts and is available in a wide range of colors. This process creates a protective surface barrier that protects metal from corrosion and gives the desired finished look.

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In metalworking, polishing refers to a finishing process that uses an abrasive work wheel, giving the finished product a smooth, bright finish.

brushed metal fabrication


A brushed, or “dull polished” surface is characterized by its unidirectional satin-type finish.


The Benefits of Metal Finishing

Metal finishing is a crucial process that offers several benefits to the performance, functionality and longevity of metal products. They include:

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Corrosion Resistance

Metal finishing creates a protective layer on the surface that prevents the metal from coming into contact with moisture or other corrosive substances.

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Improved appearance

Metal finishing can provide the desired aesthetic of metal by creating a surface that is enhanced by your choice of color and texture.

metal finishing services

Increased durability

Metal finishing can increase the durability of metal by making it more resistant to wear, abrasion, and impact damage.

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Improved conductivity

Metal finishing can improve the conductivity of metals, making them more efficient conductors of electricity or heat.

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Enhanced adhesion

Metal finishing can improve the adhesion of paint, coatings, or adhesives to the metal surface, making them more durable and long-lasting.

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Environmental protection

Metal finishing can protect the environment by reducing the amount of waste and pollution generated during the manufacturing process.

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