precision sheet metal fabrication

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High-Quality Sheet Metal Fabrication Services Since 2015

All American Metal Fabrication was founded by Shane Aziz with the goal of pursuing his passion for working with sheet metal and creating unique and functional pieces that clients would appreciate for both their aesthetics and practicality. With his background in trade school and experience working in a machine shop and manufacturing facility, Shane worked his way up to management before starting his own successful company.

Since its establishment nearly a decade ago, AAMF has continued to grow and expand to meet the needs of its clients, while also improving lead times and producing high-quality work that has become synonymous with the company's name.

Our Capabilities

OEM Sheet Metal Parts

All American Metal Fabrication is a one-stop-shop for OEM metal fabrication needs. We work closely with clients to engineer cost-effective solutions and tailor our product fabrication to meet their specific goals. Our capabilities include laser cutting, forming, welding, powder coating, and assembly. We invest in best-in-class equipment and skilled employees to consistently exceed expectations and become the leading solutions provider in the precision sheet metal industry.

Custom Parts

Fast, Accurate Prototyping

Our industry-leading prototyping process allows our clients to put their product to the test before mass production begins. This ensures that the parts will be exactly what the project requires without wasted time, material and production costs. We fabricate products using state-of-the-art precision CNC metal fabricating equipment operated by experts who are not only adept but passionate about their craft.

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Strong Business Partnerships are the Foundation of Our Success

At All American Metal Fabrication, we believe that building strong business partnerships is key to the success of our company and our clients. We strive to establish lasting relationships with our customers based on trust, transparency, and open communication, and our team is committed to delivering tailored solutions that meet our clients’ unique needs. Fostering strong partnerships with our clients enables us to consistently deliver high-quality work completed on time and within budget.

Our Company

Sheet Metal Fabrication Specialties

precision sheet metal fabrication

Precision Parts

Choosing a fabricator is a crucial decision, which is why we strive to add value that extends far beyond meeting specifications.

precision sheet metal fabrication

Custom Furniture

We collaborate with contractors, architects, designers, and end users to fabricate custom metal furniture as part of a larger commercial construction project.

precision sheet metal fabrication

Architectural Elements

Utilizing our industry knowledge and precision equipment, we can efficiently and cost-effectively fabricate large-scale architectural elements.

prototype metal fabrication

Powder Coating

All American Metal Fabrication offers a durable, high-quality powder coating finish for metal products of all types and sizes.

powder coating in Anaheim, CA

Custom Metal Trade Show Exhibits

Our expert fabricators are very experienced working with a variety of metals, and we work with our clients to create custom exhibits that meet their brand's specific needs.

custom metal project fabrication

Metal Cabinetry

All American Metal Fabrication provides custom metal cabinetry fabrication for residential, professional and medical applications.


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precision sheet metal fabrication

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